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Slip Lining

Project Name: 42" Slip-lining of existing 54" Concrete Water Line - Happy Hollow Conduit

Location: Pawtucket Regional Water Treatment Facility, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Work Description: Slipline the Existing 54" concrete conduit with a 42" diameter SDR 17 HDPE pipe. The slip lining is a total of 2,620 linear feet long.

Work performed by Dewcon, Inc.:

  1. Clean the existing 54" Conduit to prevent the liner from being obstructed.
  2. TV inspection of the existing 54" Conduit.
  3. Slipline the existing 54" Conduit with 42" high density polyethylene fusion joint pipe.
  4. Pressure testing of the new liner pipe.
  5. Grouting of the annular space between the existing 54" and the new 42" liner.