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Dewcon Commitment to Safety

Dewcon is committed to safety on the job site. Our safety education programs include a 30-hour OHSA Safety Training Course for all project managers, field superintendents and crew foremen. All laborers must complete a 10-hour OHSA Safety Training Course.

In addition to the safety training described above, we will bring in or send our employees to outside safety training experts for additional safety training.

After training has been completed, planning needs to be in place to ensure that a jobsite remains safe. Our safety director maintains and enforces our safety protocol, and conducts a safety analysis on each job, daily. This safety analysis is used in the planning of each project.

Additionally, our safety director works with our loss prevention experts, employed by our insurance carriers, to evaluate our safety program on an ongoing basis.

Once our employees arrive at a job site, safety remains our number one concern. We have weekly briefings with all employees to discuss potential hazards with any jobs that they may be involved in during the upcoming week. This proactive approach helps us maintain a safe jobsite, and allows us to send our employees home safely.

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