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Cement Mortar Lining

large pipe lining machineDewcon's cement mortar lining process applies pre-mixed cement mortar lining centrifugally to the pipe's interior wall that results in a smooth and hydraulically efficient surface.

Cement mortar lining can ensure a safe and abundant water supply for your water customers for many years to come. Cement will also extend pipe life by inhibiting the corrosion of ferrous materials and preventing future rust and tuberculation build up.

Cement mortar lining: A history of quality

Did you know that using cement mortar as a protective lining for water mains dates back to 1836, and that the first cement lined pipes were installed in the United States as early as 1850? Many of these early pipes lined with cement mortar spent over 100 years in service and showed no signs of tuberculation or corrosion.

While the cement mortar lining process has no doubt improved over the years, history has proven there is no other, more reliable method to restore the carry capacity, eliminate leakage and prevent future tuberculation and corrosion in pipes than cement mortar lining.

Additional cement mortar lining benefits include:

  • Only one-third to one-half the cost of relaying new pipe and  cost savings increase as the diameter of the pipe increases
  • Permanently restores flow, seals joint leaks and pin holes, eliminates dirty water complaints and restores adequate fire protection
  • Work is done with temporary above ground bypass piping that uses water from other unaffected areas to provide customers with uninterrupted water service during projects
  • Replaces all valves and fire hydrants just like main installation jobs
  • Roadways will not have to be shutdown for an extended period of time because access pits are dug every 500 to 600 feet, rather than along the length of the project
  • A completed system will operate as efficiently and easily as a newly constructed main but for a fraction of the cost
  • No need to replace the services to every home in the area, whereas, in most cases, you must replace all water services when working on a relay project. This is much more expensive and completely unnecessary when using cement mortar lining.

Pipelines ranging from 4" to 160" in diameter can be cement mortar lined. Cleaning and cement mortar lining can be performed in all types of piping including; cast iron, ductile iron, steel, corrugated metal and in both transmission and distribution mains.

Environmentally friendly

Cement mortar lining is more environmentally friendly than relay projects because by only using access pits, we do not have to get rid of such a tremendous amount of unsatisfactory dirt, crushed concrete, and asphalt. We also do not need nearly as much select material to backfill the access holes compared to what is necessary to backfill relay trenches. This also applies to the amount of new concrete and asphalt that is necessary for relay trenches once the installation is completed, compared to the small amounts necessary to reconstruct access pits.

Cement mortar lining for bridges

Dewcon also provides a cement mortar lining process for steel water mains used in new and rehabilitated bridges. We can provide the same process (with the same advantages) as outlined above before the pipe connections are put in place.

See our cement mortar lining process in action in the video below:



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