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Infrared Asphalt Repair


Infrared paving is the simplest way to save time and money, as well as significantly improve results on your next asphalt repair project. In addition, infrared paving results in a seamless repair so you won't experience any of the typical cracks that would appear as a result of using traditional paving methods.

Infrared paving is also the most effective pot hole repair method available. By eliminating the seams on the pot hole, we eliminate the risk of the pot hole reoccurring.

If you have any doubts about the benefits of infrared asphalt repair, just take a look at the facts:


Convential Asphalt Repair

Infrared Asphalt Repair


Pavement saw
Jack hammer
Bucket loader
Two trucks

Infrared heater
Steel rake
One truck


Sufficient asphalt to replace all the excavated material

Majority of the asphalt used in the repair is recycled


Enough labor to operate all the equipment, including trucks, plus all of the handwork

Two workers


Up to 2-3 hours

20 minutes



How does infrared asphalt repair work? It's a simple process:

  1. We sweep the site clear of debris and loose asphalt
  2. We position the infrared heater over the damaged asphalt for 7-10 minutes
  3. We use a steel rake to cut a square around the damage, leaving at least 6" of the heated surface undisturbed. The rake is then used to scarify the asphalt inside of the square area, recycling the existing asphalt
  4. We spray an "asphaltine" rejuvenator onto the existing asphalt to replace the light oils which have oxidized out with age
  5. We then discharge the virgin asphalt from the asphalt reclaimer and add to the repair to bring the area up-to-grade
  6. Finally, we apply proper compaction, insuring that the edges of the restoration are heat-seamed to the heated existing pavement. This results in a seamless repair of the asphalt.

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