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Temporary Bypass Piping

bypassDewcon can install temporary bypass piping to allow water customers to enjoy uninterrupted service during pipeline rehabilitation, or pipeline cleaning and lining.

The temporary bypass pipe, or is installed along the curb line on both sides of the street. This will ensure uninterrupted water service to all customers, and will minimize consumer service inconvenience.

Installation of bypass piping also allows the removal and replacement of pipe within its existing trench. In some cases, conditions such as space constraints or too many additional utilities in the roadway won't allow for a second trench. Temporary bypass piping can be an effective solution in these situations, and will help avoid the use of a second trench, which will cut down the total time invested into the project.

With any project, uninterrupted traffic flow is a concern that we make a top priority. Our temporary bypass piping is buried at all street crossings so that motorists can pass over it uninhibited. Additionally, rubber ramps are installed at all driveways to ensure safety access for customers in and out of driveways.

Normal bypass installations can be handled with 2" and 4" pipe, however, installations such as schools, hospitals and industrials plants may require a pipe with a larger diameter. Dewcon can provide bypass piping of any diameter to fit your project requirements.

Temporary Bypass Piping Information Request

To learn more about our temporary bypass piping capabilities, including our subcontracting services, contact Dewcon at 908-832-5710 or use our contact form.